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Formed in 1981 to research non-toxic forms of pest control, Sonic Technology and its founders confirmed that high-frequency ultrasound could be used as a behavior modification technique to repel rats and mice from an area.  The result of that research was the PestChaser® ultrasonic rodent repeller, also referred to as an electronic rodent repeller, which was introduced the following year.  In the ensuing decades, despite knock-offs and attempts at imitations by competitors, millions of PestChasers® were sold and successfully used to repel rodents around the world.  Six years after the PestChaser® line was sold to Woodstream Corp., Sonic completed its non-compete period and again began manufacturing rodent repellers.  These new rodent repellers, manufactured to the same exacting specifications as the originals and marketed under the Innovative Technology brand, offer the same or greater efficacy and new, improved, more modern designs.


Over the past 3 decades Sonic has introduced a variety of dependable products including the successful SuperEar®  and SuperEarPlus® lines of Personal Sound Amplifiers.  The SuperEar has been embraced by customers with mild to moderate hearing loss, as well as assisted living and long term care social workers, speech and occupational therapists, and hospital nurses.  Appreciated for its simplicity, price and quality amplification, the SuperEar was prominently featured in training by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Other popular products include the BugBuster Battery Powered Insect Vacuum and the ElectroSensor™ a hand-held Electro Magnetic Field Detector (or gauss meter) used by professionals and homeowners to detect potentially dangerous sources of EMFs, as well as by paranormal investigators and ghost hunters.


Sonic Technology will continue to refine and improve its products…and back them with personal service, value, honesty and integrity.  That was our mission in 1981 and it remains our corporate focus today.



Sonic Technology 100% Satisfaction GuaranteedCustomer Satisfaction Guarantee: 

If you are not completely satisfied with our product, contact us within 30 days, toll-free at 1-800-247-5548 Mon - Thurs 9am -4pm EDT or email us at sales@sonictechnology.com .


Most issues can be resolved by phone or email.  Thirty-day money back guarantee on most products. Personal items such as conductive gloves, belts, and electrode pads are guaranteed against manufacturer defects however are not returnable for refund.


Refunds: In the event that a refund is necessary, we will gladly issue your refund for the purchase price of the product. Shipping charges are not refundable, however we never charge a restocking fee.


Third-Party Purchases: If you have purchased your product through a source other than Sonic Technology, you may need to coordinate the return with that source and according to their product return policy. Please make sure to review the source's return policy before making your purchase decision.


Returns: You determine that you need to return your product,  please contact us so that we may provide you return instructions.



Email: General Information, Sales & Customer Support: sales@sonictechnology.com

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